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Welcome to the best Vietnam Eyelashes manufacturer and supplier

With years of experience in the eyelashes industry, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and distributing the best Vietnam eyelashes to customers worldwide. We can provide you high standard eyelashes products with a better service including affordable price, fast and reliable delivery. 

The traits contribute to the well-known of best Vietnam Eyelashes

We are willing to assure our clients that during more than 10 years in the eyelashes industry, no one can beat the quality and service of Vietnam eyelashes we supply.
                                                                                     The best Vietnam eyelashes

The origin of the Vietnam Eyelashes 

If you are a big beauty salon, hair salon, beauty blogger in Vietnam, or you are a system of eyelash dealer in Korea, Japan,… you must hear about our reputation. The best Vietnam eyelashes are produced in VKA Lashes established. After more than a decade of development with numberless ups and downs, our factory has become the best eyelashes supplier in the country. Not only that, but our reputation has also burst overseas, becoming accustomed to many big chain salons in neighboring markets such as Korea, Japan, Russia, …Now, our factory has opened a lot of representative offices in these countries, providing premium Vietnam eyelashes for customers all over the world.
                                                                     100% handmade best Vietnam eyelashes

The manufacturing process of the Vietnam eyelashes 

Our factory produces 100% handcraft eyelashes. Thanks to the skillful hands of clever artisans, the manufacturing processes are careful from the initial steps. We select the finest hair material with a soft but strong standard. That is a perfect combination to make the highest quality eyelashes and make sure all products are the best Vietnam eyelashes. Next, the artisans place hair close to each other until it reaches a certain level of thickness and glues them together to continue. Then, they will be ironed and brushed simultaneously, creating sleek and smooth hair ready to shape. Before the eyelashes are ready to be styled, they are put on the pipe inside an oven to get the desired curl. Finally, Vietnam wispy eyelashes are attached to trays and waiting for your orders.
                                                                        Process of best Vietnam eyelash manufacture

The affordable price of eyelashes from Vietnam 

Why do Vietnam eyelashes can bring you the most affordable price? After more than 10 years of working in the eyelash industry, we optimized the manufacturing process of our eyelashes. Our R&D experts are constantly researching to shorten the processes, minimize the costs incurred. The artisans also find the optimum steps to reduce working time but are still effective. Besides, we completely do not use any machines. In the first step, the raw hair materials are screened carefully. These help to save a huge amount of money on the producing processes. As a result, our products not only bring clients the most suitable cost but also are the best Vietnam eyelashes.

Characteristics of the best Vietnam Eyelashes 

Although the eyelashes industry in Vietnam has not been as long as in neighboring countries, with our efforts throughout the development stages, we firmly believe that our products are not only Vietnam eyelashes but also have superior advantages compare to products from China, Korea, Russia,…

Compare Vietnam Eyelashes with lashes from neighboring countries.

Using eyelashes will give you an impressive appearance. Therefore, choosing high-quality eyelashes is extremely important. We bought products from famous foreign eyelash brands to make a comparison. Clearly, the best Vietnam eyelashes are much more durable and sturdy. When put on the eyes, touching the eyelashes a lot can cause them to fall off but for our products that is not the case. Besides, thanks to the durability of the Vietnam eyelashes, you can reuse them more times than any other product from brands in the world. Our eyelashes are linked together with high-quality glue, absolutely safe for customers during usage.
                                The best products from VKA Lashes factory

Pros and cons of buying eyelashes from Vietnam 

Our sales department will negotiate with customers about the products. Customers have a huge number of options from our collections. Even when the available best Vietnam eyelashes do not respond to the demands of clients, we are ready to produce according to their private order.  For customers who only buy in small quantities, we will apply the retail price available directly on the website. Vice versa, for those who are large distributors with wholesale purchases, we can send samples to customers to preview and offer them a better wholesale price.

How to find the wholesale best Vietnam eyelashes factory

The following steps will guide you to the most reliable eyelash supplier. Let’s find it out now!

Understanding the best Vietnam eyelashes 

To choose a good product, firstly, you have to understand it inside and out. You should make a lot of researches about types of lashes and decide which one is the most suitable for your requirements. In Vietnam, there are a lot of types of eyelashes. One of the most popular and known widely as the best Vietnam eyelashes is eyelash extensions. This is the product with the largest export volume around the world. After making sure that what type of eyelashes you need, you should get to know the production factories based on ít costs, quality, and customer service. A factory that offers very low prices may end up with low-quality products. Also, the wholesale factories are expensive that they don’t necessarily provide the greatest products. It is the better choice to buy from the factory can bring you big profits.  

Contact the vendor to buy samples and check the quality

                                                Staffs of VKA Lashes alway 100% support
After choosing the type of eyelashes and the factory supply them, you have to contact them. Firstly, a part of quality is reflected in the customer’s services. Then, let ask them for the samples. Checking the quality of eyelashes is important to get exactly what you want without any regrets. Normally, the supplier of the best Vietnam eyelashes will send you various samples, help your selection easier.  

How to avoid being scammed when buying the Vietnam Eyelashes 

The trading market is always full of unexpected dangers, even when you choose a favorite brand. Therefore, to become a smart client, you should equip yourself with profound knowledge in this field. There are groups for advertise and review about Vietnam eyelashes. Let join in these groups for support and experience from other customers. In addition, choosing a famous vendor and only buy from experts in the field can minimize the risk for you. A famous vendor of the best Vietnam eyelashes will have a clear website, feedbacks and comments from previous orders are also proof of the reputation. Visit our webpage for more updated information: https://vkalashes.com.vn/
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