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Hooded eyes are obstacles for many lash artists since it is very difficult to choose which lash map is suitable for this eye shape due to its unique characteristics. In this blog, VKA Lashes will share with you imposing guides of lash map for hooded eyes, which will definitely not let you down. What are hooded eyes? When excess skin folds down from the brow line and comes close to their eyelashes, this will create hooded eyes. People often think this as aging problem; however, it can be rooted in genetics. The hooded eyes may negatively affect person’s confidence since this problem may cause aesthetically unpleasant appearance. Drooping skin of hooded eyes can leave a noticeable crease for the eyelid. The droopy eye skin can make people think this as monolid eyes. The fold of skin conceals the lash lines, making it more challenging to lash artists to make lash placement decisions and the number of lashes to apply. Therefore, lash mapping holds an essential role in creating stunning and game-changing lash look for each customer. II. Guidelines for Hooded eyes lash map Step1: Before determining the lash placement on the lash line, lash artists should analyse the lash shape and the hooding level. These factors will definitely affect the lash mapping process. Identifying the shapes of their eyes will help lash artists locate the lash placement accurately and choose the correct lengths, curls for clients. Step2: Lash placement determination on the lash line is a key step to an alluring look. Lash artists should focus on the outer corner of the client’s eyes because this is the most noticeable part of the eyes. So, lash artist must choose the correct curl and length to match the eyes of clients and highlight some important features. Little highlights are enough to spark hooded eyes. Step 3: Choose the right length, thickness and curl of the lash extensions Before making decisions, lash artists should consider and estimate the clients’ desired look and lash styles that lash artists want to create. Different length, curl, and thickness should be used flexibly to create glamorous look. It depends on the level of hooding, the clients’ eye shapes and their natural lashes characteristics. Step 4: Plan and construct the lash map for hooded eyes This final step takes the most time and high concentration to create the most appealing eyelash extensions for clients. Lash artists need to estimate the length, curl, and thickness of each lash extensions in the lash line in advance before attaching lash fibre to the clients’ natural lashes. III. Essential factors that need remembering for hooded eyes 3.1. Length The best choice for clients have hooded eyes is 1 or 2mm longer than their natural lashes because it will open up their eyes and lift their eyelids. Lash artists should avoid long lash extensions since this can make the eyes look overwhelming and make the hoodedness of the eyes become more obvious and apparent. This will leak the lacunae of the eyes. A mix of lash lengths will help to create a natural look. Try to attach a few shorter lashes in the inner corner of the eye. Then, gradually increase the lash length towards the outer corner of the eye to create a lifting effect. 3.2. Curl Curls in M, L, L+, V, and LD are all advised for hooded eyes. Lash artists may select the best lash curl for their clients based on their amount of hooding and desire for a lash appearance. Lash painters should avoid using strong curls like CC and D when mapping for hooded eyes. These curls may blend into the eyelids or touch the brow bone, causing customers to find them irritating and uncomfortable. 3.3. Thickness Hooded eyes, as previously said, make the client's eyes appear downturned and drooping. As a result, light-weight to medium-weight lash extensions are the greatest solution for hooded eyes since they do not weigh down the eyelids. If a full fluffy volume lash set is desired by the customer, lash artists should consider using thinner lash extensions, such as 0.03 or 0.05. For a more natural appearance, lash thicknesses of roughly 0.07mm are preferable. Some Common Lash maps for Hooded eyes Hooded eyelids can give clients the appearance of being more mature than they are. That is why most of them expect that lash artists can make their lashes appear thicker and more open. Here are some fantastic lash artist recommendations. Doll eye lash map A doll eye lash map is popular with customers who have hooded eyes because it gives the illusion of huge, doll-like eyes. Lashing professionals will employ a variety of lash lengths when applying this lash map to customers, with the longest lashes put in the middle of the lashes. To create the best doll eye look that still suits hooded eyes, C curl will be the best choice. Cat eye lash map The cat eye lash map is ideal for individuals who like a strong and spectacular appearance. It has a lifting effect and helps to open the eyes. Lash artists, like doll eye lash map, employ a variety of lash lengths. The longest lashes, however, will be placed on the client's outside side of the eyes and progressively diminish towards the inner corner. L and M curls will not only produce the ideal cat eye style, but will also fit customers with hooded eyes. Wispy lash map A wispy lash map is the best option for clients who want a natural look. It imparts a soft, delicate, and natural appearance while also providing a lifting, fluttering effect. Lash artists will insert spikes and individual lashes across the client's eyes at random. Some notices when designing a Lash map for Hooded eyes Lashing artists should take the following precautions when applying lashes to customers with hooded eyes: • Consider the client's desired look • Keep the hood level in mind • Take into account the client's natural lash direction and curl. Conclusion All of the aforementioned information should help lash artists create the best lash map for hooded eyes. When lash mapping for clients with hooded eyes, the length, curl, and thickness of the eyelash extensions are the three most crucial elements to consider. Charmlash provides lash extensions in a range of lengths, curls, and thicknesses to fit the demands of all clienteles. Check out our Shop Category for high-quality items and contact us for Wholesale Prices by Email or WhatsApp!

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