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Best Tools for Eyelash Extentions | VKA LASHES FACTORY

When the market is occupied with different tools, and several low-quality products are sold on the market; consumers may find it difficult to choose a suitable tool that can meet all the requirements from the material to the function. In our opinion, the best tools for eyelash extensions will require these factors quality, level of comfort, affordable price, and high level of perfection for the final product. VKA Lashes would like to introduce to you some eyelash extension tool kits that can fulfil your needs. 

  1. Lash Tweezers 
Lash Tweezers are indispensable for every lash artist; therefore, choosing a suitable lash tweezer is extremely important. A lash tweezer must be made of stainless steel, easy to hold in hand, and easy to pick up tiny lashes. 
  1. Vetus Lash Tweezers 
Anyone who works in this beauty field would know this brand. Vetus Lash Tweezers have collections of non-magnetic, hardness, and ultra-stable tweezers. Tweezers are made of stainless steel which against magnets, acid, and corrosion. Due to the needs of users, artists can find several choices to choose from Vetus Collections. We suppose their collections are the best tools for eyelash extensions. ST Series is a suitable option for every beginner who starts the very first step in the beauty industry journey.  SA Series is an average series which is made of stainless steel.  JP series is the pro series with the 2 polished sides and surfaces. The tip is also sharpened meticulously creating a perfect pointy tip. CS Series is an upgrade collection from JP Series. But now, users can choose their favourite colours. 2. Colour Lash Tweezers The Premium Colour Lash Tweezers is the highest collection in VKA since they have various colours, and they are made of non-magnetic materials, stainless steel with the carved body creates a tight feeling when holding the tweezers. The sharp tip makes it easy to pick up lashes and other complicated tasks like trimming lashes. 
  1. Divided Disposable Ring and Spoolies The Ring and Spoolies are very cheap and affordable eyelash extension tool kits that artist must have because this will ensure the lash extensions process smoothly and hygienically. 
The ring will be useful when lash artists want to craft lash fan and hold the glue. This helps lash artists easily make fanning and dip the lash in the glue without dirtying the working place. The spoolies is a necessary kit used to comb through, blend and shape your lashes. After finishing the lash extensions, it is important to brush your lashes.  III. Glue Talking about glue is the most arguable thing because artists have to consider many things such as ingredients, origin, drying time, or its retention. Therefore, VKA proudly introduce you the 2 types of glue that can satisfy your need. 1. H900 H900 is an eyelashes extension glue for experts, H900 is a popular glue manufactured in Korea. This glue minimizes skin imitation and improves time duration and drying speed at the same time. Who want to find fast drying time, then H900 is the best option for them. A pack of H900 will have 2 bottles of 5g which makes it very economical for everyone. 
  1. Red Glue 
Red Glue only for professional use. 
  • Fast drying time: 0,5-1s.
  • Long lasting: 6-7 weeks
  • Volume: 5ml
  • Colour: Glossy Black 
The glue is made in Korea. It very gentles for skin and especially the skin around the eyes. The best conditions for eyelash extensions in rooms with temperature 21-25 C with humidity of RH 40-70%. The package is also very careful which is made of aluminium that can enhance expiry by blocking moisture. 
  1. Other conditions 
  2. Nano Remover Nano Cream will give users a gentle feeling on the skin, users can avoid skin irritation when removing the lashes. Nano Remover is suitable for everyone, every skin. Nano Remover is very popular in Korea. 
  3. Glue Balm 
For artists who don’t like glue because of the irritation/ allergy that can cause for users, Glue Balm is a wise alternative because it is more natural. The Glue Balm would nourish the lashes during the lifting steps. Glue Balm’s ingredients comprise 9 Toxin Free materials that make it safe and low Odor. The Glue Balm also has a big capacity which can last for 40 times. 
  1. Coconut Balm 
Coconut balm should be used after the lifting to nourish the natural lashes create the shining and provide deep hydration for the lashes. Your lashes need to be strong enough to lift the lash extensions. The Lash Balm is 100% made from natural ingredients, hence, it won’t cause any irritations to the eyes.  
  1. Summarization 
The best eyelash extension tool kits may confuse beginners because of their variety. Besides, many low-quality and unknown origin products make it much harder to choose the most suitable products. Therefore, if you are confused about all the things, you can contact our customer support team to get help and receive the best price for all the products. We will give you the Full Lash Extension Kit Set, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products or their origin. We guarantee to offer you the best products. 

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