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Seeking a fresh approach to enhance your appearance? Do you want stunning eyelashes that look natural and won't fall out in just one night? The traditional eyelash extensions are ideal for you. Consider them the volume lash equivalent of the smaller sisters. They are lighter and smaller, but just as amazing. 

Before you take the plunge, make sure you know everything there is to know about classic lashes.

Classic Lash Extensions: What Are They?

Single synthetic lash strands are adhered to a single natural lash with adhesive to create classic lash extensions. You can personalize your style by choosing from a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors available. Traditional eyelash extensions typically require replacement after four to six weeks.

What to anticipate from your consultation

Your appointment for a classic lash extension will take one to two hours, depending on the number of lashes you want and the technician's level of skill. You will lie down with your eyes closed during the appointment, and the technician will apply each lash extension to your natural lashes individually. A slight pressure or tugging may be felt, but it shouldn't hurt.


Before Getting Classic Lashes Extensions, Consider These 4 Points

Before receiving traditional eyelash extensions, bear the following five points in mind:

1.Not everyone should use them.

Though they're not for everyone, classic lashes are a terrific technique to acquire longer, fuller lashes. Classic eyelash extensions might not be your best option if your lashes are sparse or short. Because the extensions need something to stick to, they might not stay in place if your natural lashes are too sparse or too short. See an expert beforehand if you're unsure if traditional eyelash extensions are the appropriate choice for you.

2.A variety of materials are available for selection.

Regarding traditional eyelash extensions, there are several material choices available. Although synthetic materials are also available, silk and mink are the most popular materials. The most realistic-looking lashes are made of silk and mink, but they also cost the most. The least expensive alternative is synthetic lashes, although they may not seem as natural.

3.Maintenance is required.

You must take care of your classic eyelash extensions if you want them to last. This entails cleaning them gently and staying away from waterproof mascara because it can harm the lashes and be difficult to remove. Additionally, you should refrain from sleeping on your face or touching your eyes since this may cause the lashes to fall out.

4.They are transient.

Traditional eyelash extensions will ultimately fall out because they are not permanent. They usually last between four and six weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle, which is the length of time it takes for your lashes to grow in and fall out. You'll need to get them touched up every few weeks to keep your look intact.


Comparing Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Eyelashes

Classic lashes are just what the name suggests: classic. One row of extension is applied to one natural lash in a classic style; there isn't much diversity in the pattern. Classic lashes are excellent for people who prefer a laid-back, daily appearance. Even though they are delicate and subtle, they have a lot of volume.

Hybrid eyelash extensions combine volume and classic styles. Despite their length and fluff, they have a slight volume. An all-in-one treatment with a hint of more volume and fluff is offered by hybrid lashes.

In case you're uncertain about your preferences, inquire with your lash artist about their hybrid lash options. With hybrid lash extensions, you may experiment with various looks and get a little bit of both.

Large, striking volume eyelash extensions are used. They are the ones you see on Instagram feeds and the red carpet. Three to four rows of lashes and a thick band of lashes at the base, or lash line, are typical features of volume eyelash extensions. When dressing up your eyes or for special occasions, volume lashes are a terrific option. Because volume eyelash extensions create the appearance of larger eyes, they are also an excellent option for people with small or hooded eyes.

Tips for Classic Eyelash Extension Aftercare

It's time to learn about aftercare now that you have a better understanding of traditional eyelash extensions. In order to prolong the life of your extensions, proper aftercare is essential.

Here are some pointers:

  • Don't use waterproof makeup. Waterproof mascara can harm your lashes and be difficult to remove. Choose a mascara that isn't waterproof if you must wear it.
  • Cleanse your lashes gently. Use gentleness when cleaning your lashes. Rubbing or pulling on them could cause them to come loose, so avoid doing that. Instead, use a cotton ball dipped in micellar water or lash cleanser to gently remove any makeup or grime.
  • Do not rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes may cause the lashes to fall out. Instead of rubbing the region surrounding your lash line if it itch, pat it softly.
  • Take cautious when you go to sleep. Try not to sleep on your face when you go to sleep. This may result in the lashes breaking off or getting damaged. To avoid this, try to sleep on your back as often as possible.
  • When necessary, get touch-ups. Traditional eyelash extensions have a duration of four to six weeks, as was previously mentioned. You'll need touch-ups every few weeks to keep your appearance in check.

Traditional eyelash extensions are a fantastic technique to amplify your existing lashes. Make sure to locate a trustworthy salon and conduct thorough research if you're considering getting them. Additionally, to maintain the best-looking lashes, remember to adhere to following aftercare instructions.

Do Natural Lashes Get Ruined by Classic Lashes?

No, traditional eyelash extensions won't damage your original lashes. Your natural lash will be fine if they are applied appropriately and you take good care of them. In truth, lash extensions really strengthen natural lashes for a lot of people.

However, it is possible to harm your natural lashes if classic lashes are placed incorrectly or if you do not take adequate care of them. Thus, make sure you do your homework and locate a trustworthy lash expert that can apply the lashes appropriately and provide you with guidelines for aftercare.

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