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VKA Lashes and mission to enhance your beauty

You are a makeup artist, you have a prestigious beauty salon, or simply you have a passion for beauty. But…you are in trouble with the quality of your recently input eyelash factory. You are looking for another manufacturer with a higher property, better price and more hospitality customer care staff. VKA Lashes Factory is your best choice!

1. VKA Lashes Factory is the trail-blazer in eyelash industry 

By the time, VKA Lashes Factory becomes more favorable in the international markets. Beside the big men in the eyelash industry such as China, Japan and Korea, we are pioneering the nation to go to every corner in the world, serving for beauty- demanding cosmopolitan people.

1.1 History of VKA Lashes Factory.

VKA Lashes Factory was established in 2010. Over a decade of development, we have never stopped attempting to become the best lash manufacturer for clients all over the world. During this 10 years period, we have surfed numberless ups and downs.  In 2010, the founder recognised the potential and quality of our country eyelashes. It was immediately printed an intense impression in Korea, a leading profesional market with the present globally by exporting eyelashes to them. Following the success in Korea markets, we continuously exported high quality eyelashes to the neighbouring countries, ignited a longer success of the products in the beauty industry of those nations. 
                                     The best products from Vietnam eyelash factory
However, after few years exporting only raw materials, we realize that it can not accentuate Vietnam eyelash globally. Also, it was environmental unfriendly due to complex delivery processes. Then, VKA Lashes Factory’s founder determined to develop her own factory to manufacture the detailed eyelase. After that we will directly distributed our products to global clients, opening a new era of our brand. Making this reckless decision, the founder want to cut the costs for customers, diminish the burdens to environment in delivery processes. Moreover, we hope to regain the fame to the homeland – the home of lash.
Ms_Hany Co-Founder of Vietnam Eyelash                                      Factory
In fact, the transformation was not as easy as theory. In early years right after the transformation, the holistic of export massive seem to be interrupted. Nevertheless, receiving small retails did not discourage us. By contrast, this was the motivation for the founder and the whole staffs as well as employees  to create more effort in improving quality of the eyelash and customers care services.

1.2 Infrastructure and staffs of VKA Lashes Factory

To response the demanding requirements of customers all over the world, VKA Lashes Factory invested in the most modern infrastructure, enthusiastic staffs and well- training employees. Vietnam Eyelash Factory has the main producing factory located in a more than 1000 meter square are containing over 200 employees and experts in Eyelash industry.
                                                     The best VKA Lashes Factory
Nowaday, VKA Lashes organises a completely operational apparatus including advertising, sales and production departments to support each other. VKA Lashes Factory’s promotion website belongs to the marketing head. They take responsibility as a presenter to promote the brand on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. Beside, the marketing team also supports for designing logo, labels for the products.  Almost of our customers are wholesalers and big vendors. So that the sales head, who are experts in eyelash industry will explain to customers every detail about the process, products and anything they need to know about the products of VKA Lashes Factory. 
                                          Staff of the best VKA Lashes Factory
Aside from that, our R&D team always finds new trends and efficient approaches to produce eyelashes with the utmost carefull, bring the best benefit to the customers with the most reasonable cost.  

1.3 The great victory make our brand

Over a decade, underwent numberless efforts, VKA Lashes Factory burgeons then ranked at one of the 3 most reliable and biggest lash factories in Vietnam.  Simultaneously, we illustrated our own role and location in the international market.  VKA Lashes Factory’s managers immediately kicked off business strategies, focusing on the quality and service of Vietnam Eyelash. Not far after that, we gained the trust and reputation in the USA, Russia, Australia,… Except for the interior institute representatives offices, VKA Lashes Factory have enlisted the support of foreign clients and grasped the chance to expand the business and institute representatives offices in many other countries included Japan, Russia,…

2. The top-notch products of VKA Lashes Factory

The products of our brand are amazing, bring you multiple options, response to the most demanding requirements of you and your customers.

2.1 Classification of eyelash

In Vietnam, there are usually 2 main types of eyelash: pair of eyelashes (pair of false eyelashes attached to the eyes) and eyelash extensions (lash extension). In general, the eyelash extensions are more popularity and its markets larger. 
                                       Classification of VKA Lashes products
According to the data provided by Vietnam Customs analyst, most Western countries such as UK, Italy, Germany prefere eyelash extension. In addition, Australia, Canada and the US are also the high consume markets of this type. In the Eastern, big countries like China, Korea and Japan also lean towards eyelash extension.  Base on that, Vietnam Lash Factory focuses on producing the lash extension to serve the clients.

2.2 The products of our factory

VKA Lashes produces two other types of lash extension. Easy fanning lashes which is a long strip of eyelashes, used to made pomade fans. In salon, people often use promade fans to connect directlyto the eyelash of clients.   Another product of VKA Lashes is fan lashes. Our workers make this type by forming a beam to attach to the eyes like propellers, so we call it fan. We produce two types of fan lashes. Both of them are hand-made 100% by the well-training employees in factory.
                                                   Various products of VKA Lashes
-Promade fans or glue-bond: The employees in factory use tweezers to hold each strand together and use your hands to squeeze the legs to form fans. It then are dip the feet in the glue solution for the fans to stick firmly.  -Premade fans or heat-bond: This fan is made by using thermal adhesive tapes. By this way, we can save more time for produce this compare with promade-fans. In premade fans, people divide into 2 types: loose fans and fans in line. Loose fans are cluttered in the box. Because of not select careful, there will be a certain error rate so the price will be cheaper. In opposite, fans in line are neatly arranged and it absolutely cost more. There are many types: 12 lines, 16 lines, 20 lines, 40 lines equivalent to the number of eyelash lines.

2.3 Evaluation of our products

There are some main parameters to evaluate a good eyelash such as thickness, curl, length and fan type.  From the expert’s point of view, a beautiful set of eyelashes is also reflected in the fact that the glue penetrates well, the base of the eyelashes is not twisted together, the base of the eyelashes is thin or pointed, even and symmetrical, ensuring the standard curvature and easy fanning. 
                                       Best beauty supply lashes VKA Lashes

3. What is VKA Lashes’s operating principles?

Why is VKA Lashes the best destination for wholesalers?

3.1 VKA Lashes provides the wholesalers the best price.

Material collector system of eyelash factory is a department responsed for collecting and choosing the most suitable and high quality materials for the production line. This is a pivotal department hold the whole processing procedure. Thanks to the activities of this department, the financial department can save a huge number of expense on screen the raw materials. 
                                                   Best VKA Lashes supplier
Beside, VKA Lashes possesses a group of clever and careful employees. They have been training religiously before begining their works. That help to diminish the number of fail products and save another amount for the factory.  These are the reason why eyelash from VKA Lashes can bring the optimum price for client within high quality products.

3.2 We have a customer support system acts 24/7

As a international brand, VKA Lashes have staffs working everytime that clients need. The sales staff will take care of customers 24/7 with the highest enthusiasm. This is also the passion  and sense of responsibility of all members of our factory. Aside from consultants, we are ready to deliver our products to customer wherever they are, whatever they want to buy from us.

3.3 The operating principle of VKA Lashes Factory.

VKA Lashes works with the motivation to enhance the beauty of Vietnamese women then strengthen their confidence as well as bring this beauty to who require for the luxury and charm over the world. Becoming a leading brand in Vietnam is a lever as well as a solid foundation for us to grow stronger globally. VKA Lashes Factory is ready to be the comprehensive strategic partnership with vendors and celebrated lash artists all over the world. We will provide the best service and support to our clients whenever and wherever they are.  The satisfactions of our beloved clients are motivation for VVKA Lashes Factory to commit to work and provide the top-of-the-line products with a view to let your beauty shine. Visit our webpage for more updated information: https://vkalashes.com.vn/ CONTACT VKA LASHES MANAGERS FOR THE BEST DEALS, PROMOTION AND FREE BUSINESS ADVICE NOW!!! WhatsApp: +84988530902 Instagram: @vkalashes Facebook: VKA Lashes Factory
The best Vietnam Eyelash brand

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