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Vetus Tweezers Collection for Eyelash Extension

Best Lash Extension Tweezers

To create a masterpiece of lash sets, lash artists have to meet many criteria including top-quality lashes, skill level of artists, and the tips of the tweezers. The tips of lash tweezers contribute a great part to make professional lash artists become successful. Tips are seriously crucial because lash artists need to pick, select, and separate eyelashes during the application process. Therefore, to find the best lash tweezers, lash artists must understand the function of each type of eyelash tweezers.

There are a variety of lash tweezers comprising straight, curved, L shape, and different tips have particular function.

I Shape or Straight tweezers are suitable to isolate lash fiber and extremely useful in Classic Lash Extensions method. Straight tweezers are very popular and famous because of their versatility. Thin and long straight tweezers are better for isolation.

F shape tip lash extension tweezers are perfect for isolation and attachment of the Classic Lashes.

The A-shape tip of the tweezers are very small and acute which is awesome for picking up and attaching the Classic Lashes.

X shape tweezers will reduce tension to your hand, which helps you feel comfortable to pick up Classic Lashes.

S shape lash extension tweezers are pretty for the volume lash extension process as you can use it for isolation on customers with a protuberant forehead or deep eye sets.

L shape lash extension tweezers are excellent tools when you make handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them.

Round tip lash tweezers are useful and ensure your safety when you want to remove old lash set, and eye pads.

Today, there are many materials that can be used to create lash tweezers. VKA Lashes will explain the differences between them and help lash artists how to find the best lash tweezers.

The most popular materials used to make tweezers are stainless steel and titanium.

Stainless tweezers can avoid rust and have a great endurance over time; however, some stainless tweezers may contain a small amount of Niken which can cause allergy to some individuals.

Titanium tweezers are not as heavy as stainless tweezers and are rust-free. Titanium is a springy and strong substance that is perfect for professional eyelash extension tweezers. Because of its allergy-free nature, Titanium tweezers are often used in medical treatment.

Magnetic vs Non-magnetic

For professional application, magnetic or non-magnetic tweezers are offered. Magnetic tweezers can cause some struggles for users during dry season; therefore, we suggest using non-magnetic tweezers to avoid those problems.


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